Death is waiting inside the storm.




Voices Kindle CoverThe rain began Thursday morning, in a small desert town where it never rains. After midnight… monsters came out of the storm. Eyeless, endless creatures made of bone and slashing edges, crawling into the light to slaughter the survivors and suck them dry.

For the next three days, a handful of survivors will fight the flood and the creatures hiding inside it. Some of them will never meet. Some will not survive. But their stories will stay with you:

A beautiful, desperate young woman who will do anything – anything – to escape the dying city and return to her baby son

A bar full of brave and desperate drunks who would rather die than leave their dive

A poor Latino family who confront – and even worship – the terrifying new gods and devils of the storm
… and a maddened, embittered researcher who will do anything the voices tell him to finally win the woman he loves … even become a monster himself.



New stories, new characters, familiar friends and frightening enemies from Creatures of the Storm: Book One of the Rain Triptych reappear in surprising ways as we learn more of the last days of Dos Hermanos and the secrets that hide inside.. the rain.

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