The water is rising. The creatures are everywhere.
No one is safe.

The rain began Thursday morning, in a small desert town where it never rains. By midnight the monsters came out of the storm: silent and endless creatures made of bone and slashing edges, crawling into the light to slaughter every human they can find.

For the next three days, women and children alike will fight the flood and the horrors hiding inside it:

A team of doctors and nurses, fighting to heal and protect a dying town</h5>

A terrified young woman, separated from her daughter, with the sudden supernatural ability to detect truth…and lies…and madness in others

Teachers and parents trapped in a public school that is slowly being destroyed by the flood and the monsters all around them

…and a dangerous man who runs into the storm on a mysterious mission that will change – and possibly end – the lives of some of the survivors

The third and final piece of the puzzle that is The Rain Triptych, with new stories and new characters – as well as familiar friends and frightening enemies from Creatures of the Storm and Voices of the Storm


Who will live? Who will die?
And who will finally, fully learn the Secrets of the Storm?


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