I’m lucky: I have some of the most creative friends in the world. One of ’em — one of the best of ’em — is Angela Ortiz, who’s a publisher, a photographer, an artist and an all-round slightly amazing woman (though she would never admit to it).

Way back, roughly a thousand years ago, Angie put together a book of some of her photographs; just a scattering of literally thousands of pictures she’s taken. And in an entirely uncharacteristic burst of creativity, I wrote small and often enigmatic captions to go with them. Some of them are even clever.

Angie recently told me she still had a few of those books left, signed and numbered and waiting to be purchased. If you love great images and random thoughts, it’s well worth taking a look.

You can glimpse the contents here, in an inferior electronic version. 

When you are appropriately intrigued, you can buy a signed and number copy here. Great gifts, even to yourself. 

Now if I can just get her to do another book. Or ten …