Tales from the Borderlands.jpgI admit it: I can’t tell one end of a video game from the other. My children could beat me bloody at that old Simpsons driving game, and I gave up the pursuit long ago. And though they, and many othes, have tried to draw me back into gaming over the years, for all sorts of good reasons, it’s just never worked.

But Tales of the Borderlandsis something different. You don’t have to be a gamer to appreciate a good, light, smart and occasionally tragic story well-told, in an animation style that’s incredibly clever in its (apparent) simplicity.

Until now, non-gamers like me could only enjoy Borderlands in let’s-play streams, but the folks at Telltale Games and Gearbox (try and figure out who’s responsible for what in these game credits, I dare you) realize a good thing when they’ve got it, so they’re offering Tales on disk starting very soon. It’s a real opportunity to enjoy the story without the added stress of all that gaming. Ew.

Check out the trailer: