There’s something awful out there.
Hiding. Waiting. Thirsty.

 Rain 1 kindle cover finalIt never rains in Dos Hermanos … not until today, when the skies open up and it begins to pour. And now it just … won’t … stop. The first flood in five hundred years – maybe longer – has arrived.

The water rises. The crater valley fills like a dusty teacup. Streets disappear, buildings collapse. For the first twelve hours, the 3,721 citizens of Dos Hermanos will struggle just to stay alive…

Then, on the first night, things begin to come out of the storm.

They are eyeless, skinless, razor-edged creatures in a thousand different shapes, some as small as a tumor, some as large as a house. They share only two things: a boundless hatred of humanity and an endless, unquenchable thirst.

Only a handful of innocents will survive…

…and each of them must face an army of impossible monsters just to stay alive: a software genius with a broken spirit and his bitter, street-smart daughter … a slightly mad scientist who may be the only one who knows what’s really happening … and a man who will gladly abandon his humanity to become something more … and something far worse.

Who will live? Who will die? And who will learn the secrets hiding inside the Rain?


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