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healers-9781618686497_hrZ.A. Recht’s Morningstar Strain Book 4: Healers

Just released in September 2016, it’s the fourth in Z.A. Recht’s series of best-selling zombie post-apocalypse novels, written with the full cooperation and approval of Zach Recht’s estate. The action picks up just a few months after the end of the third book; America is just beginning to pull itself out of chaos, the long-awaited vaccine is almost ready to release, and the enemies of the survivors — dead and alive — are massing to end the world all over again. Plenty of old friends return, some new characters appear, and the action ramps up like never before.  Click here or on the cover for all your buying options.





Rain 1 kindle cover finalThe Rain Triptych, Book One: Creatures of the Storm

It never rains in Dos Hermanos, California … unitl today, when the sky opens up and it just won’t stop. The 3,000 residents of this strange little desert town spend the first day struggling just to save their home and their lives. Then, as night falls, things come out of the rain — eyeless, skinless creatures, all cutting edges and claws, with an endless thirst and a bottomless hatred for every living thing. In Book One, we meet a brilliant but troubled computer expert, his street-smart daughter, and a grieving scientist who may be the only one who really understands what is waiting for them all inside the storm. Click here or on the cover for all your buying options.





Voices Kindle Cover

The Rain Triptych, Book Two: Voices of the Storm

All three books in the Triptych happen during the same deadly three-day period — from the moments when the rain begins until the drowning death of Dos Hermanos. Characters and catastrophes appear and reappear in each book … and It’sin this second volume, you’ll meet new characters and new monsters — like Jennifer, the beautiful young dancers, waitress, and drug dealer who will do anything — anything — to escape the storm and return to her baby daughter … the charming and tragic customers at the dive bar where she works … and a deeply religious Latino family who are nearly overwhelmed by the monsters that hide in the rain. And you’ll even more of the secrets behind the endless procession of the creatures themselves, and how they might be defeted. Click here or on the cover for all your buying options.




The Rain Triptych Book Three: Secrets of the Storm

The final stories of the Triptych are revealed, as we see Jennifer’s story from a whole new angle, learn the fate of the half-man who used to be Steinberg, and see exactly what happened to our computer expert’s ex-wife and the innocent children of Dos Hermanos School. And what is the true mission of the man who arrives in DH just as the storm begins … and decides to drive into the fatal rain?

It’s a literally explosive ending to the rich and terrifying story of what happened during the deadly final days of Dos Hermanos … along with an ugly glimpse of what lies ahead. Click here or on the cover for all your buying options. 




Wolfcop cover 2WolfCop: Fleshmob

Wolfcop was a cult hit as a slightly frazed horror-action-comedy, and Fleshmob stars the same insane cast of characters along with some brand new and equally bizarre additions. Why did all the customrs at a fancy mall in WolfCop’s town suddenly kill each other? And why is the rest of the world trying to keep it a secret? It’s a crazy cross-country road trip that includes wiccans, crazed country music stars and mind control, all told in the same insane style as the original WolfCop movie … and the sequel that’s on its way!

The e-book edition is widely available, but this is the only place you can get the paperback edition, signed by the author (that’s me!) and sent directly to you. Click here to learn more about WolfCop and all your buying options.




inside MIB 2Inside Men in Black II

It’s more than just your normal behind-the-scenes book. You’ll find inside stories, interviews with stars, the complete shooting script (with some fascinating variations on the final product), and some parody pieces thrown in just for fun. It’s officially out of print, but you can get paperback copies right here, signed and everything. A great gift for the cult film fan or MIB enthusiast.

Do me a favor and don’t buy used copies through Amazon or even a used bookstore. Unlike musical artists and movie-types, authors don’t receive any compensation after that first long-ago sale. Click here instead, and even if you simply want an unsigned copy at competitive prices, I’ll be glad to supply it!



And did I mention it'll have a new cover? IT'LL HAVE A NEW COVER!

And did I mention it’ll have a new cover? IT’LL HAVE A NEW COVER!

The Mad Throne: A Modern-Day Tale of Steel and Sorcery

I wrote this a million years ago (the mid 1970’s, actually), and it was published as a mass-market paperback. I have a stash of those if you really want one, but take my word: a new and much-improved edition will be published late in 2016, and you’ll want to wait for that. Still: signed editions of the original, worth as much as a couple of bucks on the open market, can be had. And it ain’t a bad story: the tale of a spoled Broadway star who wakes up one morning in the body of a sword-slashing hero on another world — one who’s on the run, apparently the most-wanted enemy of a mad king. Great fun to write and (I’m told) to read.  Click here to learn more about your buying (or waiting) options!

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