The sprinters and the shamblers may rule the world…
But America is coming back.


healers-9781618686497_hrOn the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Z.A. Recht’s first book in the Morningstar Strain trilogy, a fourth book appears, with the return of old favorite characters, the unfolding of new challenges … and the promise of hope for a new world. But the biggest threat doesn’t come from the dead. 

General Sherman and Dr. Demilio have reclaimed miles of Omaha. The vaccine that can save the world is almost ready. Now their allies and their enemies are all around them, with plans and plots of their own. Will the dead still somehow overwhelm the precious few communities that have pulled themselves back from the edge? Will America begin its long journey to recovery? Or will the worst of the living, the petty tyrants and madmen who still survive, destroy the dream before it is born?

The exciting and unexpected story of The Morningstar Strain continues, in an exciting and sometimes terrifying story created with the full consent and cooperation of the Z.A. Recht estate. It’s everything you’ve hoped for, and not at all what you expected.

A special note from Brad Munson: From the very beginning, I know there were thousands of Z.A. Recht fans who had been waiting a long time for a return to the world of The Morningstar Strain. I did my best to bring back the best of the characters from Zach’s stories, to answer some of the lingering questions and return to the desperate reality an undeniable hope of his world. I’m so glad that Mary Recht likes what I’ve tried to do, and that she hears Zach’s voice in here, even a little bit, even once in a while.

It’s time to save the world … or lose it forever. The future begins — or ends — with the healers.

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