Creatures of the Storm

Book One of The Rain Triptych

When the rain finally comes to Dos Hermanos after a hundreds years of drought, it brings more than floods and destruction: it brings monsters, an endless stream of them. Skinless, eyeless, from tiny to giant, that share only one thing: a hunger of the death of all things human.

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Voices of the Storm

Book Two of The Rain Triptych

The monsters won’t stop coming, but Jennifer will do anything to escape them and return to her daughter. The mad scientist — ‘mad’ in every sense of the word — who is obsessed with her is becoming more and less human with every hour. And a bunch of drunks at the wrong end of town are fighting hand-to-hand with nightmare. And they might even live to tell the tale.

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Secrets of the Storm

Book Three of The Rain Triptych

Claire has already lost her daughter, maybe forever. And in one massive wave, the survivors of the storm — and the monsters inside the storm — that she tried to help have been ripped away as well. Can she help the last few children of Dos Hermanos reach safety … or will they all die before they can escape? And why is one man walking into the storm? Will he help the victims, or will he make the end of the world come about even more quickly?

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WolfCop: Fleshmob

An all-new adventure in the weird, wild world of Wolfcop, with all your foavrite characters from the movie and some new arrivals just to mix things up. And it’s only available here, on-line!

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The Flash Musical was … well, perfect

Don't worry about the plot. Plot doesn't matter. Just enjoy the jokes and the dancing and be amazed by the impossible depth of musical talent hiding on, of all things, a bunch'a superhero shows, fer Chrissakes. And it is amazing. Sure, there's been a lot of noise...

Rogue Wha?: Now here’s a Star Wars I’d actually go see …

I grew up on Star Wars. I admit a grudging affection for it, though when I take even a half-step back, I can see how clunky, derivative, poorly executed and horribly acted it's been in most (all?) of its various installments. But then something as truly horrendous as...

Wanna see something short and scary?

How about The Maiden? Sometimes it doesn't take a whole lot of time to tell a story. Sometime no more that eight minutes a change. That's all filmmaker Michael Chaves needed to give us this tight little haunted house story of it 500 or so seconds. You can watch it...

Ash vs. Evil Dead‘s Ray Santiago is one cool guy. Listen here …

Ray Santiago Ash vs Evil Dead Ash vs. Evil Dead is a crazy, fun ride, and it’s about to enter its second season of bloody good fun on STARZ. It turns out that Ray Santiago, who plays one of Ash’s dedicated (and slightly insane) sidekicks is kind of crazy-fun himself,...

Sunny Moraine is a damn fine writer. Get to know her.

There are so many poorly told stories out there these days, so many more than even a few years ago. It only makes me even more grateful for really good writing when I find it -- when anybody finds it -- and here is an author you really simply shouldn't miss: Sunny...

What the hell is going on with DC Rebirth?

How has DC's Rebirth line becomes suddenly and almost universally so good – so much better than virtually all of DC's reboots and re-adjustments of the last, oh, twenty-five years or so? I've been following pretty much all the new DCU books for decades, through thick...

You don’t have to be a gamer to love Tales from the Borderlands

I admit it: I can't tell one end of a video game from the other. My children could beat me bloody at that old Simpsons driving game, and I gave up the pursuit long ago. And though they, and many othes, have tried to draw me back into gaming over the years, for all...